Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

It's so nice to get a surprise. I was feeling down today, and not like writing at all. But I thought I'd check my blog and see if anyone had visited lately. What did I find? The Kreativ Blogger Award from Carrie Sorensen. Thank you Carrie!

It's my first, and I'm very proud.

So Carrie listed 7 things about herself and then 7 blogs to get the award. I'm going to list 8 and 8. Can you stand knowing that much about me? Brace yourselves.

1) I cross my fingers when I go over railroad tracks because my mom did it. I keep forgetting to ask her why.

2) I'm a twin, but she died when we were six.

3) Books on shelves cover three of my bedroom walls.

4) I'm addicted to books.

5) I've never tasted crab or lobster

6) My cat can meow something that sounds eerily like my name, and does it often.

7) I believe in ghosts.

8) I always wear something pink, even if you can't see it.

And now for the bloggers I'm giving the award to (click the links to view their blogs):

1) It's OK To Talk With Your Mouth Full

2) Mike Lynch Cartoons

3) Booksflutterby

4) East Coast Meets Mid-West

5) The Spirit of Taste

6) DarkUFO

7) A Recording of Interesting Things

8) The Fabulous Fifties

I highly recommend that you check out these wonderful blogs and people.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Not Perfect, Stop Saying I Am!

When I started writing years ago, one of the things I never thought I'd have a problem getting was an honest critique. Naive me thought everyone who read my writing would honestly tell me how they felt about it and give me good feedback so I could improve my work. Not true. I've learned that most people tell me what they think I want to hear. "I love it!" "It's scary in a good way!" "I can't wait to read more!"

Nice. But what I need to know is, how can I improve it?

I'm not Stephen King, and even if I was, even he has editors and people who won't blow smoke up his butt and tell him he's great when clearly what he wrote was just this side of "eh". Even the people in my writing group are such delicate personalities that they hate to have their feelings hurt and hate to hurt the feelings of others. So we sit there as they praise each other and I try to figure out how to tell each of them in the kindest way possible that their newest baby needs a little plastic surgery. Maybe I just need a new writing group, but finding one is easier said than done.

What it all comes down to is that I'd just like a few people online or in real life who will read my work and tell me how it can be improved. I want to grow. Are you one of those people?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Beginning of a Story

The wind blew through the open windows of the old house, scattering loose bits across the worn floor. A large grey cat ignored its surroundings as it lapped at milk left in a cereal bowl on the kitchen table. Upstairs, a baby cried but no one responded. A drop of red splashed onto the white tile floor, adding to the growing puddle. Plop. Plop.

In the distance, thunder gave voice to the dark clouds that were moving swiftly toward the house. The garage filled with the exhaust from a cherry 1964 Mustang. With a full gas tank, it wouldn't stop anytime soon. Strong, white rope hung from a beam on the porch. It was stretched to max capacity as it held its load.

A child stood in the yard clutching a white blanket with red balloons stitched on it. She gazed at the house, "It's too late to save us."

Friday, January 6, 2012

And So It Begins

I have an Edgar Allan Poe poem running through my head as I write my first post. Appropriate? You can be the judge in a few months. I'm still mulling over possible directions, so things could take a turn for the macabre. One never knows with me. I'm truly not dark and gloomy, although I can see how you might get the wrong impression. 

So this is me and my introduction to the blogging world. Let's see where the words take us. Shall we?